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Hi! My name is Alison (Ali) Brown (she/her/hers) and I am a middle childhood education major with a concentration in math and English; however, I might change to early childhood with the new licensure being P-5. I am really outgoing and I love discussing education and the impact educators have on their students.

I like talking about the difficult things and the struggles so many students face so that we learn how to help them more. I am an online tutor for students K-12, specifically in math subjects like pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry and elementary math, as well as elementary reading & writing.

My favorite book is The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. The book follows to do men named Wes Moore. One is extremely successful and one is in prison for the majority of his life. Both grew up in a similar neighborhood, both had no fathers and both had no chance of success in anyone’s eyes. Yet, both are in two different places. Wes Moore, the author, states, “Failing doesn’t make us a failure. But not trying to do better, to be better, does make us fools.” It’s so important to realize that failure doesn’t define you, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying either. I learn best through talking and hearing other people’s opinions while maintaining my own and hearing all different and unique perspectives.

One of my favorite memories, as a student, would be in fourth grade and we had something called the Math Hall of Fame and it was super difficult to get into and no girls had ever gotten into it. Well, I worked really hard, and became the first girl to be in the Math Hall of Fame and that’s when I started to really love math.

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